Top 10 Unusual Things to Do in Bali

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Bali is a relatively small island in Indonesia. And yet, you can never seem to have enough time to experience all the fun it offers, no matter how much time you spend there. For decades, people keep coming back for more of this island—a place that is anything but boring. If you want to go beyond the main tourist attractions or activities, be sure to try some of these crazy, unusual things to do.

Sign up for laughing yoga

In Bali, where spirituality is as prominent as culture and breath-taking scenery, yoga sessions are one of the most indulged activities. Zen-searchers can find many yoga studios with different concepts all over the island. But perhaps the most interesting (and entertaining) yoga session is the laughing yoga. Laughing yoga at the Ambar Ashram is exactly what it sounds. Participants will do yoga and laugh—two of the most healing and relaxing things. Join locals and foreigners as they giggle on their yoga mat and go home more refreshed than ever.

Participate in traditional games of mud wrestling

The abundance of rice fields throughout the island doesn’t only offer a lovely view of vast greenery. It also provides the battleground for fun traditional games in the mud. Mepantigan is a unique art of traditional wrestling that is known to have helped practitioners gain physical fitness, release stress, and develop character. Nowadays, the martial art is adapted into fun games like frog-catching, tug of war, dancing, and more. Tourists can choose whether to learn the martial art, or simply watch performers express themselves in the mud.

Mepantingan Bali, Pasekan Pondok Batu Alam No.30, Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia

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