Infinity Stones: 15 Weird Secrets You Should Know Before Infinity War

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Since only beings of immense power can harbor the stones, it is interesting to note the god-like tendencies the Celestials took on when they were in possession of the Orb which held the Power Stone. The Collector mentions how they used the Power Stone to cast judgment on whole planets and their civilizations. They decided to commit genocides if they felt those civilizations weren’t worthy of existence.

This is a reminder of how the Infinity  Stones are used by beings who are extremely powerful. When Ronan the Accuser, decided to destroy Xandar for their crimes, he wanted to use the Power Stone to obliterate them. Also, Thanos wants to use the Infinity Gauntlet to bring “balance to the universe,” which sounds like a whole lot of killing, considering the Infinity War trailer.

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