Infinity Stones: 15 Weird Secrets You Should Know Before Infinity War

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During the Collector’s oral history of the Infinity Stones, he mentions that only powerful beings can withstand their raw power. From the few times we’ve seen the stones handled by mere mortals, the stones have effectively destroyed them or disposed of them in some other way. When Red Skull tried to handle the Tesseract, it ended up teleporting him somewhere far or possibly destroying him despite the Space Stone’s casing.

In Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the Collector’s slaves grabbed the Power Stone hoping it would be the key to her freedom. Unfortunately, the Power Stone was too great for her to possess and it killed her almost instantaneously. The Aether, or Reality Stone, also nearly killed Jane Foster in Thor: The Dark World, but the energy coursing through her body was removed by Malekith for his own evil plans.

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