7 Weird Indonesian Traditions That Will Shock You

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From eerie death ceremonies to strange harvest traditions and unbelievable sexual practices – Indonesia has hit all; the weird, the wacky, and the wonderful!

Have a look below at our list of some of the country’s craziest rituals and traditions.

1. Goyang Madura And Tongkat Madura

Using a technique called ‘Goyang Madura’ or the Madura motions, which involves a series of rhythmic vaginal clenching (similar to Kegel exercises), the Madurese women’s sexual abilities are apparently enhanced. What’s more, there exist some Madurese ‘love potions’ that are said to make the women’s private areas beautifully fragrant as well as returning to their original “form”. The ‘Tongkat Madura’ or Madurese stick, is used to achieve the same goal.

All this has meant that on this little island found northeast of Java, the women of Madura are infamous for their sexual prowess!

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