7 Seriously Strange Street Foods In China

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We love eating at street-side vendors and have our favourite ones here in Yangzhou. However, those foods consist of delicious cold noodle dishes, soups, wraps and fruits, not insects!

Here’s a list of some of the less appetizing street foods seen all around China:

1. Deep Fried Massive Spiders. These bad boys were spotted in Hangzhou and were so massive that I was even scared to take a photo of them!

Eeek! Massive, black, gross spiders at the street-side market in Hangzhou

2. Battered and Deep Fried Crab. Sure, crab is delicious but when it’s fried whole, eating the shell (and everything else) is a must and you’ll spend the rest of the day picking bits of it out of your teeth.

Deep fried, whole crabs for sale on the street…good luck eating the shell!

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