5 Random Facts About Indonesia That You Cannot Believe Until You See It By Yourself

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Visiting a new country certainly brings cultural shocks to foreigners as they get acquainted with a whole new culture, environment, population and lifestyle. Ranging from mild to strong, these cultural shocks could involve discovering things like different meanings for certain actions or words, new products or practices found only in that area and other things that could add to foreign fascination. While a lot of misconceptions are removed, several perceptions are developed.

Similarly, the culture of Indonesia has its own charms to offer. Based on discussion and opinions of foreigners, some facts about Indonesia that foreigners would believe only upon visiting the country include:

  1. Remains of Dutch Colonialism Heritage

Indonesia has formerly been a Dutch colony before World War II, and was known as the Dutch East Indies. Therefore, there are bound to be remains that give evidence of the past. One of these includes the Dutch cannons found in old town Jakarta.

The Indonesian Rijstttafel, rice table also brings back memories of the Dutch colony which include several side dishes in small portions served with rice. The colonial origins of this dish state that it was prepared by the Dutch in an attempt to impress visitors in its colony.

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