20 Truly Weird Facts about Colombia to Amaze, Intrigue & Inspire

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#3 Bring On The Festivities

Colombia does feel-good festivals like some countries, sadly, do military parades – seriously impressive and verging on nuclear. Did you know that Colombia has…

  • the biggest salsa festival
  • the biggest flower parade
  • the second biggest carnival, and
  • one of the biggest theater festivals…

In. The. Whole. Wide. World? Namely….

  • The World Salsa Festival – Festival Mundial de Salsa – held annually in Cali, Colombia
  • The Flower Festival – Feria de Las Flores – held annually in Medellin, Colombia
  • Barranquilla’s Carnival – Carnaval de Barranquilla – held annually in, unsurprisingly, Barranquilla, Colombia, and
  • The Ibero-American Theater Festival, held biannually in Bogota, Colombia

If you’re wondering about the nuclear analogy, you simply haven’t been on the streets of Barranquilla come carnival time. Coinciding the dates of your tour in Colombia with either Medellin’s Flower Festival or the Barranquilla Carnival will add a spectacular dimension to your trip.

#4 Sexy Big-Assed Ants (Yes, You Read That Right)

Google the Latin phrase “Atta Laevigata” and you’ll find one of Colombia’s traditional street delicacies – big-assed ants (basically, ants with junk-in-the-trunk) or hormigas culonas, as the locals would say.

Fried and sold on street corners as salty, nutritious snacks, it’s traditionally believed that these big-bottomed girls (yes, they are all female – sorry) of the ant world are actually aphrodisiacs if eaten. The truth? Hmm, we’ll let you decide…

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