15 Around The World Birthing Rituals That Should Be Illegal

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In each country, people celebrate the birth of a new life in different ways. Some are beautiful, but some are just dangerous.

The world is beautiful: it’s a magical stage where a wide variety of traditions, cultures, and languages meet. In each country, people celebrate the birth of a new life. Simply because pregnancy, birth, and parenthood are some of the most wonderful stages in one’s life.

We often associate birth with hospitals, doctors and pills. But the truth is that many countries rely on faith, traditions and myths. Although sometimes the Western world finds some foreign customs unusual, we all should enjoy the multicultured diversity that our dynamic century offers us. From baby showers to eating the placenta, bringing a new life into the world is exciting, and most of the birthing rituals from around the world are wonderful.

However, we should know more about the different birthing practices around us as there are some traditions that are more than unusual and unacceptable when it comes to birth. Some weird rituals can be called illegal as they often put the life of the mother and the baby (or the babies) at risk. And let’s be honest, often, these traditions represent and mirror the way our society treats women, in other words, as unequal.

Let’s have a look at 15 birthing rituals from across the globe that should be illegal.


The African Republic of the Niger is a wonderful country that’s been marked by civil wars and poverty. Apart from its civil conflicts, there’s something else that people should know. Let’s talk about their strange birthing rituals that should be illegal.

As the majority of the country is Muslim, it’s believed that only the husband can touch the woman’s genitals. When it comes to birth, these traditions are still respected and even the midwife can’t touch the mom. During delivery, the midwife only gives herbs and drinks to the mom and says prayers for a safe delivery.

Unfortunately, as we know, many complications can occur during birth, so this practice of not touching the mom should be illegal. Simply because that can be life-threatening.

Massaging the perineum, holding the mom’s legs and inspecting the cervix are some of the things that are a must during labor.

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