10 weird and haunted places in Palembang

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10 weird and haunted places in Palembang

10 weird and haunted place in Palembang, Palembang is located in the western part in Indonesia and famous Ampera bridge and also pempek delicious food, in addition to having an attractive tourist spot palembang also have considered odd and it could be said armature.

10 weird and haunted place in Palembang, became the topic of discussion. This time the discussion of the places that I think there are things mystical (occult) or called the armature, but the place was often visited by the people of Palembang.

10 weird and haunted places in Palembang do make you all are curious, let us discuss and here will be described where that is considered nothing mystical in the city of Palembang, okay guys just below 10 weird and haunted places in Palembang

1. Mall PTC Palembang

(near Hotel Novotel) In the area (acreage) in this mall, there is a tower (chimney) investigate calibaration turns formerly a factory chimney so. Formerly the area (region) is going in for a new building or be expanded area (opens new land) so the subcontractors (workers) would ngerobohin the tower but found no one who can knock down the tower, everyone wants ngerobohinnya surely people even trance (possessed). Until today the tower standing strong and nobody is able to knock down this building.

2. Hospital Caritas Palembang

in RS. Caritas, right in front of Bank Indonesia Palembang, no tunnel former Japanese colonial era as an underground street, he said there was an invisible ular.ng ever able to tear down the building.

3. Mount Siguntang, palembang

No doubt you know about this place, things that make this place rada-rada haunted place because this place is considered sacred and has been in use since the Dutch colonial period, also found several artifacts. People do not dare kinds here especially at night, so that is definitely very, very.

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