10 Unusual Customs From Around the World

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The Satare-Mawe tribe in Brazil are more famously known for their painfully daring ways to prove their strength and bravery.  For 11 hours young boys showcase their courage by placing their hands into a woven basket full of angry bullet ants that nip and bite their hands. One bite is said to feel like you’re being shot – ouch!


India is home to so many beautiful and captivating temples, that you’re bound to be tempted to visit during your call at Goa. Before you head over to explore these mesmerising places of worship, ensure that your legs and arms are covered, and that you remove your shoes before entering – simple etiquette that’ll make you a hit with the locals.


Back home flowers are a great way to show someone you care, and work perfectly as a thank you gift, but in Russiait’s a little more complicated than that. Yellow flowers are a no-go, as they symbolise infidelity and the ending of a relationship. We also recommend avoiding red Gilly flowers, as they’re often used in cemeteries.

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