10 Unusual Customs From Around the World

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The world is a marvellous place, with so many weird and wonderful customs to discover and explore. We’ve put together our top 10 list of unusual customs to look out for as you cruise around the world.


Etiquette is very important in Japan, from avoiding blowing your nose in public to how you greet people. The correct use of chopsticks is something many Japanese people find essential to eating out, so it’s impolite to get it wrong. To avoid any strange glares while enjoying a mountain of delicious sashimi, make sure that you don’t point them, play with them or stab them into your sushi.


Instead of saving their teeth and placing them under a pillow for the tooth fairy to collect, Greek children’s teeth are thrown on to the roof of their homes. This unusual tradition is thought to bring good luck for the family, as well as a healthy replacement tooth for the child!


Norwegians are another country big on cutlery etiquette, so it’s important to watch your table manners when calling at restaurants during your Fjord Cruise. It may seem a bit extreme to you and I, but knives and forks are seen as a must when eating out, even with a sandwich!

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