10 Strangest Jobs You Can Get In Singapore To Escape The 9-5 Grind

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Weirder than your dream job

There was a time when my parents asked me what I want to be when I grow up. I told them, “Lawyer, Astronaut, Farmer, Hawker, Taxi Driver, and Librarian.” They were confused that a 5-year-old had such aspirations, but what they didn’t know was that I wanted to be in those professions all at once. A hawker selling char kway teow in the ISS – count me in if you’ve got contacts for my dream job.

While that’s gonna be just a dream, what won’t be a dream is you having to explain your job scope to your parents if you ever land yourself in one of these 10 weird jobs.

P.S. It’s not going to be as easy as saying, “I sell char kway teow to astronauts.”

1. Worm Farmer

Don’t squirm and scroll past this. Worm farmers are one of the pioneers in waste management! Stemming from the idea of decomposition and compost-creation, worm farmers spend their 9-5 making sure that these slender creatures are fed, growing and reproducing. The worms are then sold as composting agents for home gardeners to create 100% organic fertiliser for your garden.

They go for $125/500g, so the next time you see your baby cousin playing with mud and soil, you might just be looking at a composting pioneer.

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