10 Facts That Prove China Can Get Shockingly Weird!

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2. They nap just about anywhere, including the rail tracks!

Chinese people are very particular about their afternoon naps (wujiao). In fact, in Chinese schools, a duration of 30 minutes post lunch is scheduled especially to catch on with some slumber. However, the bizarre things about their napping habit is the fact that they sleep just about “anywhere”!

3. “Virgin Boy Egg” is a popular Chinese delicacy. And the recipe is crazier than its name!

Urine of young virgin boys (preferably of age below 10), is collected from school toilets. For preparation, eggs are soaked and boiled in the collected urine. The “delicacy” is sold for 1.50 yuan!

What’s more, in 2008, Dongyang recognized the “eggs in urine” thing as “intangible cultural heritage”! Urine, a cultural heritage?!!

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